This guy uses spaghetti and LEGO to turn his beard into crazy artwork on Instagram

In the spirit of No-Shave November, lots of people are growing out their beards and moustaches this month. 

Pierce Thiot puts them all to shame. An art director from California, Thiot is the hirsute gent behind Instagram’s Will It Beard.

If you don’t have a beard, you might want one after seeing his. Who knew you could get so creative with facial hair

Keep reading to learn more and see 24 of our favourite hairy looks. 



Here's on of Thiot's beard creations, inspired by Mr. Potato Head.

Anything is fair game for a Will It Beard photoshoot.

From food, like this spaghetti beard.

And this Hot Cheetos and Takis look.

Don't forget dessert.

To toys, like these plastic monkeys.

Or this Star Wars-inspired look.

'If we're honest, sticking things in my beard is a funny party trick at best,' Thiot told TI. 'And that's how it started.'

More specifically, it all began at a family talent show last Christmas.

While Thiot's nieces sang 'adorable songs,' he decided to go for the humour factor.

'I decided to try and get a laugh by sticking as many pencils in my beard as possible,' Thiot explained. 'A pair of scissors ended up in there, too.'

The beard was a hit.

'My mother was very proud of her grandkids,' Thiot said. 'The jury is still out on if she was proud of me.'

Proud or not, Thiot's beards have become quite popular online.

His pictures regularly rack up thousands of likes on Instagram.

Check out this colourful candle beard.

We don't recommend trying this one at home.

This LEGO beard is one of Thiot's personal favourites.

Here's a spiny styled beard.

There is nothing Thiot says he's ever failed make stick in his beard.

Though some have been messier than others.

'I still find glitter in our house,' Thiot said of this sparkly shoot.

He's also launching an app, a game inspired by Will It Beard, later this November.

If you're thinking about trying your own hand at an artistic beard, you might have to wait a while. Thiot says his took about six months to grow.

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