Will Hacktivism Play A Role In The Election?

Hacktivism is defined as “the nonviolent use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends.”

As the Republican nomination (sort of) draws close to conclusion, there is a potential for hackers leaning towards one side or the other in the political spectrum to utilise the types of techniques that have been hitting the internet in greater frequency over the past couple of years. Hacktivists such as Anonymous have attacked various companies, organisations, and governments since 2010 to protest a perceived wrong or to promote an agenda. Will they or others use the upcoming US presidential elections as another rally point to make their statements?

Could it affect the outcome?

“There’s very little doubt that whoever gets the Republican nomination, their website will be hacked at some point,” said security specialist Sal McCloskey from TECHi. “The President’s website is likely more secure but government websites have fallen just as easily as private ones.”

This graphic from Frugal Dad shows us a brief history of hacktivism and its rise as a virtual weapon.

Hacktivism Infographic

Source: frugaldad.com Via: Chicago Toyota

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