Will Ferrell's FunnyOrDie Kills One Of Its Own

FunnyOrDie, the constellation of comedy video sites that revolve around Will Ferrell and cohorts, has shuttered one its spinoffs: Kung Fu Todd, formerly known as BlueCollarOrDie, is going dark. As The Hollywood Reporter explains, the site got poor traffic under its original incarnation, and terrible traffic after a makeover:

Blue Collar’s flameout came despite the pedigree of multiple Hollywood backers with proven track records. In addition to ODN and its venture capital financier, Sequoia Capital, the site’s principals were Parallel Entertainment, the management company that turned the Blue franchise into a multimedia powerhouse, and Larry Lyttle, a veteran TV producer.

“Ultimately, the BlueCollar audience wasn’t what it was on other platforms,” said Lyttle, former president of Big Ticket Television. “So rather than chase bad money after good money, we decided to stop.”…

Todd has drawn a meager 20,000 unique visitors per month, according to Lyttle, below the already lackluster 60,000-80,000 BlueCollarOrDie was drawing.

The traffic drop-off led the site’s backers to cease production at its Santa Monica headquarters, which employed at least 15 employees in a setting Lyttle described as a “mini- ‘Saturday Night Live.'” He said an unspecified seven-figure sum has been spent on the site.

We’re still marking time until the long-awaited Web video shakeout, but we wouldn’t read too much into this. If anything, the willingness to kill a weak performer this early into FunnyOrDie’s career speaks well of the site: It’s hard to kill your babies. That said, the jury is still out on FunnyOrDie itself: There’s plenty of funny Web video out there, and it’s still not clear whether the site can draw an audience for clips made by anyone but Ferrell. “The Landlord”, his original hit, has generated more than 58 million streams on the site; this spin-off has more than 8 million.

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