Diss Of The Day: Will Ferrell Rebuffs Jay Leno, 'My Vote's With Conan'

Will Ferrell 4x3

Although Jay Leno just released a top notch guest list for his first week back on NBC’s Tonight Show, we just heard from TMZ about actor Will Ferrell dissing a possible spot across from the big guy.

“I don’t know. My vote’s with Conan,” he said on a radio show this morning, according to TMZ. If he actually got an invitation for an interview, he said, “I may have a cold … I may have a sore throat.” (List to the full audio here).

We’re wondering if more Team Coco actors will follow suit. Tom Hanks is known as a Conan fan. So is Jerry Seinfeld.

The late night Hollywood parade is meant to be a win-win for both sides: The actor gets to promote their latest project, while the host and the network get high ratings for bringing in a big-time actor.

So perhaps PR professionals will convince actors to go on, no matter what their personal feelings are about the NBC late night mess. In the meantime, while there are fewer late night shows as the Olympics play on, they will have to settle for drumming up publicity on daytime TV.

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