Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling sell Trump-branded knives, and it goes horribly wrong

Who knew knives weren’t living up to their potential? Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling, that’s who.

The actors, who dubbed themselves “The Knife Guys,” interrupted Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on Monday night to sell Donald Trump-branded knives.

“Everyone who’s anyone knows that the best steaks in the world are, of course, Trump Steaks!” Farrell starts his pitch. “But you can’t cut something classy with something trashy.”

He then pulls out the “Trump knives,” which, by the way, are gold, and both actors put on caps with the logo, “Make knives great again.”

“That’s a great knife. And I know, because I know all the great knives,” Gosling says.

“Yes it is, Ryan, and sharp, like the man himself,” Ferrell responds.

Both of the actors are very on edge, seemingly able to lose it at a moment’s notice. So it gets a little scary when Kimmel asks them if Trump knows that they’re selling the knives.

“No, Mr. Trump doesn’t know about this, because he’s super busy making America great again,” Ferrell says, then turns to Gosling, “My God, he doesn’t understand, though.”

“Just shut up, Jimmy!” Gosling responds in a high-pitched scream.

The two return to their pitch and pull out a golden Trump steak. Ferrell struggles to cut a piece, then holds it up to Gosling. “The Notebook” actor looks reluctant about putting the strangely golden piece of steak into his mouth, but does it anyway. But something is not right.

“He’s choking,” Kimmel tells Ferrell.

“Duh, Jimmy, he’s choking. Thankfully, choking is a breeze with Trump knives,” Ferrell says. “OK, Ryan, I’m going to cut a small, but very deep hole in your trachea. Don’t worry, I saw this on ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.'”

To Gosling’s relief, Kimmel grabs the actor and performs the Heimlich manoeuvre to dislodge the piece of meat.

But Kimmel doesn’t get the response he wants.

“Thanks for ruining our whole thing, jerk,” Gosling says.

Watch the hilarious sketch below:

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