Would You Pay Again For iOS 7 Versions Of Your favourite Apps?

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Would You Pay Again For iOS 7 Versions Of Your favourite Apps? (iMore) 
The move to iOS 7 will create some development and design inconsistencies between the upgraded operating system and existing iOS apps. Redesigning an app is an expensive venture for developers, and iMore believes the only solution is to charge users again for existing apps. How will users respond? Read >

Apple Tests Larger Screens For iPhones And iPads (Wall Street Journal)
The first clear sign that Apple is definitely bowing to consumer demand for larger screens. The article cites sources in Apple’s supply chain. Read > 

Playing To Win: Mobile Gamification Done Right (BI Intelligence)
The always-on mobile age has vastly expanded opportunities for gamification. Integration with social networks means these experiences are shared with friends, acquaintances and co-workers. A smartphone-carrying employee or consumer might be drawn into a gamified experience at any time, wherever they are. Read > 

Apple Developer Site Down Due To Hackers (Business Insider)
The developer site went out Thursday, and Apple confirmed that the cause was a hack that sought personal information about developers. The attack and outage shows how even the largest tech companies can be vulnerable to security threats. Apple wrote in a statement that, “in order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems.” Read > 

Is Mobile A Problem For Google? (Business Insider) 
Henry Blodget looks at Google’s falling cost-per-click price, and what it means in the context of the broader global mobile market. Read >

Microsoft Was Wrong (Citeworld)
Microsoft took a massive $900 million write-down on its Surface RT inventory this week, indicating that their venture into the tablet market is at risk. So, what’s next? Read >

Waze Acquisition Solidifies Importance Of Mobile Crowdsourcing (All Things Digital)  Mobile crowdsourcing has become useful for consumers. And an interesting business model. Aside from Waze, there are a number of other mobile apps running on crowdsourced data, including OpenSignal for finding Wi-Fi hotspots, and Minutely which crowdsources weather info from the ground and combines it with radar to build storm models. Read >

mobile campaigns 2013 chief marketer

Only Half Of Marketers Are Running Mobile-Specific Campaigns (Chief Marketer)

An email survey of over 650 business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers in April and May found that only 48% of marketers will run mobile-specific campaigns this year. Additionally, only 19% said they “currently used” mobile display advertising. Read > MLS Team Is a Model For Mobile Connectivity (Businessweek) 
Major League Soccer Team Sporting Kansas City has an app that allows fans at the stadium to watch replays and earn loyalty points. It also is a nice way for the organisation to collect data on its fans. Read >

How Ford Is Keeping Their Cars Connected (VentureBeat) 
Ford is envisioning a bright future for connected cars. Its director of technology discusses potential new ways to connect drivers to their vehicle including wearable sensors and a payments application for pre-ordering. Read >

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