CHART: Will Cupcakes Feed A LivingSocial IPO?

Cupcakes from Magnolia

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Both Groupon and LivingSocial have made clear their intentions to go public, and now it falls to them to do the hard work of convincing investors that they’re worth it – especially in this challenging economic climate.

For LivingSocial, cupcakes may be the answer. (Scroll down for the chart.)

According to an infographic published by LivingSocial, the service’s users like food, and they downed an incredible 437,940 cupcakes in the second quarter of 2011. Cupcakes have been more popular than margaritas, of which 428,636 have been quaffed, but pale in comparison to pizza, at a whopping 708,992 slices consumed.These stats may seem good for a laugh, but let’s not forget the power of pastry in capital markets these days. The Chefs’ Warehouse went public last week and delivered an 18 per cent return (the best of a crowded week). Dunkin’ Brands, directly in the ‘baked goods’ category, offered a strong capital markets debut. In general, the consumer sector has been leading the way.

Will this trend cause investors to lick their lips over LivingSocial, or will the recent market turbulence turn the prospect of a tasty treat into nausea?

Living Social Chart

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Source: All Things Digital