MOBILE INSIGHTS: Should Apple Give Its Users More Choice?

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It’s Time For Apple To Treat Us Like Adults (TechCrunch)

WWDC, Apple’s developer extravaganza, begins today in San Francisco. There are many rumours and expectations about what will be introduced, and how it will impact the company: mobile cloud service improvements? A new design for iOS 7 and its apps and icons? Frederic Lardinois at TechCrunch takes a more general view: he asks whether or not Apple will start treating its users like adults, and stop trying to herd its users into Apple’s often-inferior apps and software. Will Apple keep iOS on lockdown, or open it up to more third-party services, like keyboards? Meanwhile, one tech press Instragrammer caught Apple design guru Jony Ive making his way into the convention centre. Many in the tech press will be live-blogging the keynote today at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S. Read >

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Your Smartphone Is Watching You (The New York Times)

The weekend saw more developments emerge linked to the news that the U.S. National Security Agency has been accessing the Internet data of millions of Americans. The Guardian revealed its source for the news: Edward Snowden, a contractor. And the rest of the media wondered what it would mean for the future of privacy and trust on the Internet. In The New York Times, columnist Ross Douthat wondered if most people would be fine with having their data sifted through, as long as security improved. But others feared a backlash against big data. Read >

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Xiaomi Is Not Aping Apple And Steve Jobs (Tech In Asia)

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has attracted a lot of attention for its inexpensive, nice-looking phones. Tech In Asia takes exception to recent coverage in The New York Times that made it seem as if Xiaomis were Apple knock-offs. There’s a lot more to Xiaomi than that. Not to mention that they run Android, the best-selling operating system in China. (See chart, right.) Read >  This Time Will It Really Happen? Google To Acquire Waze Traffic App (All Things D)
Facebook walked away from a deal to buy Waze, and now Google is in the final stretch of negotiations to buy it. Waze has 47 million registered users, some 30 per cent of them active. They generate a great deal of traffic and navigation data that could be a boon for Google’s mapping and local data-generation efforts. Read >

Is Google Wallet A Flop? (Business Insider)
According to business press reports, Google has invested some $300 million in Google Wallet, and only 10 million people have used it. This might be a sign of a flop. Or, alternately, it could be the inevitable up-front investment needed to keep a foot in the door of the mobile payments space. Read > 

Toyota Makes Deal With Velti (Media Post)
Toyota’s marketing executives saw that its customers were getting vehicle information and researching purchases on mobile, so it teamed up with Velti and ad agencies to develop real-time marketing on mobile. Read >  

Why Is Apple Getting Into Music Streaming? (The News Of Technology)
In short: to funnel users into making iTunes purchases. Read >  

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