Unbelievable Wildlife Pictures From London's Photographer Competition Of The Year

London’s Natural History Museum named the winners of its 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition on Wednesday.

A black-and-white photo of snoozing lions in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park took the top spot. American photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols followed the pride for six months before he was able to capture five female lions calmly sleeping with their cubs.

A selection of the winning images are below. Head over to the museum website to browse through the full gallery of winners and finalists.

Grand title winner: “The Last Great Picture” by Michael “Nick” Nicholas from the US.

Grand title winner (10 years and under): “Stinger in the Sun” by Carlos Perez Naval from Spain.

Winner (11-14 years): “Angle Poise” by Marc Albiac from Spain.

Winner (mammal category): “The Mouse, the Moon, and the Mosquito” by Alex Badyaev from Russia/US.

Winner (world in our hands category): “The Price They Pay” by Bruno D’Amicis from Italy. (This 3-month old fennec fox was found in a den in the Sahara Desert, where catching or killing the animal is illegal.)

Winner (birds category): “Herons in Time and Space” by Bence Mate from Hungary.

Winner (amphibians and reptiles category): “Divine Snake” by Raviprakash S S from India.

Winner (invertebrates category): “Night of the Deadly Lights” by Ary Bassous from Brazil.

Winner (plants and fungi category): “Glimpse of the Underworld” by Christian Vizl from Mexico.

Winner (underwater species category): “Passing Giants” by Indra Swari Wonowidjojo from Indonesia.

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