Diver Pulls A Fishing Line Off Of A Wild Dolphin’s Fin

The video below was taken in Kona, Hawaii during a night swim. It shows a wild male dolphin approaching the divers and hanging out with them. The divers then notice that the dolphin has a fishing line tied up around his fin, and he waits around patiently as they try to untangle him.

Watch the stunning behaviour below:

Some people are suggesting that the dolphin knew the divers would help him, but dolphin researcher Justin Gregg suggests on his blog that this isn’t likely to be true:

Of course it’s entirely possible that the dolphin was sick or weak (from the fishing line entanglement or otherwise) which might explain his lack of fear and generally calm demeanor. And I am not 100% sure that it’s accurate to suggest that the dolphin “knew” that the divers were trying to help him. The dolphin also rubs up against the mooring line (as can be seen in the video), so it’s possible that the dolphin just regarded the humans as another thing to rub up against – something that appeared to work even better than a mooring line at getting rid of that darn fishing line.