Play the adorable Google Doodle game celebrating the guy who created a scale for the spiciness of peppers

Google’s homepage is looking pretty spicy today.

The search giant is commemorating the birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the American pharmacist who created the scale used to measure the hotness of different kinds of peppers back in 1912.

Different peppers have different heat levels depending on the concentration of a chemical compound called capsaicin that they have in them. Bell peppers are on one end of the spectrum, for example, while “ghost peppers” rank high on the other side.

To honour Scoville’s invention, the Google Doodle team has created a tasty little game that lets you diffuse the “piquancy” of different peppers by hurling ice cream balls at them.

“This was a really rare chance to do a fighting-style game for a historical figure,” illustrator Olivia Huynh jokes.

To get started, visit and press the flaming little Play button in the right corner.

When the target is in the center, hit the space bar to fire away. The game gets harder as you advance through the different levels to fight spicier peppers.

The Google Doodle team coyly tells us that their are “at least” five levels, so keep your eyes peeled for bonus rounds.

Let the games begin!

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