Wikipedia Cofounder Jimmy Wales Joins Hunch

Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales is joining Hunch’s board of directors.

Hunch is that startup where you ask it to make a decision for you — What kind of computer should I buy? Where should I travel? — and it asks you 20 or so questions before giving you an answer.

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Welcoming Jimmy into the fold, Hunch cofounder Chris Dixon wrote:

We are very excited to announce today that Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has joined Hunch’s board of directors.  He’ll also be hanging out with us some in NYC, which I think could be great for the NYC startup ecosystem.  Jimmy blogs about joining us here, and we have some Hunch milestone stats on the Hunch blog.

Business-wise, Jimmy is the perfect fit — we’ve always talked about Hunch aspiring to be “Wikipedia for decision-making.”  Personally, it’s also really thrilling:  I think of Wikipedia as an incredible and extremely significant human endeavour.

On his blog, Jimmy wrote:

“I’ve always been intrigued by the potential intersection of community-based, user-generated web platforms and algorithmic, machine-based ones. Wikipedia and Wikia have proven to do a pretty darn good job with the former. Search engines clearly do a great job with the latter. But until recently I hadn’t seen a great example of how the two approaches could come together, co-exist and truly complement each other to form something greater than the sum of the parts – which I believe is the future of the web. (Allow me to call it now: this is what we are going to come to call Web 3.0.)‘s combination of community-sourced content and algorithmically-driven smarts is forging a promising path towards this potential future. And that’s why I’ve decided to join Hunch as a Board Member and an active advisor for the company’s ongoing development. As a result, I’ll be spending some time in Hunch’s NYC offices.

Hunch may be new to many of you; it was launched just 6 months ago. But the decision-making site, powered by a passionate community of active contributors, has already made significant progress and garnered respectable press. I’m impressed with the product, the Hunch community and the Hunch team, but mostly by the great potential I believe the company and its model have to intelligently fuse human input with machine smarts

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