Check Out Photos Of The Incredible Bombshelter Fortress Where The Wikileaks Archives Are Stored


Photo: Courtesy of Bahnhof

Forget Amazon. Wikileaks has far better host for its secret information.The Wikileaks archive is now stored in a former bomb shelter in Sweden, according to the LA Times. The ultra-secure location in the Pionen White Mountains features solid-steel doors that could withstand a nuclear attack. Inside the high-tech facility looks like the Batcave.

Wikileaks had previously used this facility but switched to Amazon earlier this year.

Joseph Lieberman will have a harder time shutting down this one.

In the Pionen White Mountains of Sweden

Behind solid steel doors

Filled with high-tech computers

With wi-fi

For some reason it's filled with elevated walkways, tropical plants, and neon lights

Is this where Julian Assange plots the next leak?

Just think what secrets are on those servers

More computers in the ice cave

A woman stands alone

She has a meeting

Another computer glamor shot

Looks like they even have dry ice

The fateful servers

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