Hillary Clinton's campaign considered Apple CEO Tim Cook for vice president

Tim Cook and John PodestaJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesTim Cook and John Podesta attend a fundraiser in California.

A stolen email leaked by WikiLeaks shows that Apple CEO Tim Cook was on a shortlist for vice president.

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, sent an email discussing a “first cut of people to consider for VP,” Gizmodo spotted on Tuesday.

“Cheryl, Robby, Jake, Huma, Jennifer and I also did a first cut of people to consider for VP. I have organised names in rough food groups,” Podesta wrote.

The “food group” of business leaders include former Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Gates foundation chairperson Melinda Gates, and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with Cook.

Clearly, Cook was not tapped to be Clinton’s vice president, and he likely would have declined given that he’s got a pretty good gig running the world’s most valuable company.

In June 2015, the Clinton campaign planned a meeting with Cook, but a staffer said that the meeting “is one we should proceed cautiously.”

Cook is “supportive but new to this so I think we shouldn’t come on too strong,” a staffer wrote.

Cook eventually hosted a fundraiser for Clinton in August. It’s unknown whether he is a Republican or Democrat, although he has taken stances on issues such as gay rights and climate change, and his stances more closely align with the Democratic Party.

But Cook has also hosted a fundraiser for Paul Ryan, the current Republican Speaker of the House.

Apple declined to comment.

Here’s the entire list of VP candidates Podesta suggested:

Javier Becerra

Julian Castro

Eric Garcetti

Tom Perez

Ken Salazar

Tammy Baldwin

Kirsten Gillibrand

Amy Klobuchar

Claire McKaskill

Jeanne Shaheen

Debbie Stabenow

Elizabeth Warren

Michael Bennet

Sherrod Brown

Martin Heinreich

Tim Kaine

Terry McAuliffe

Chris Murphy

Tom Vilsack

Steve Benjamin

Corey Booker

Andrew Gillum

Eric Holder

Deval Patrick

Kasim Reed

Anthony Foxx

John Allen

Bill McCraven

Mike Mullen

Mary Barra

Michael Bloomberg

Ursula Burns

Tim Cook

Bill Gates

Melinda Gates

Muhtar Kent

Judith Rodin

Howard Schultz

Bernie Sanders

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