WikiLeaks Bodyguard Believes That Assange Will Face Death Penalty


Photo: Flickr/bbwbryant

Australia’s ABC News has an interview today with Ciaron O’Reilly, a large Australian man with graying dreadlocks who serves as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s personal bodyguard.He alleges that the US is not trying to extradite Assange from the UK as the UK is known for not extraditing in death penalty cases. Assange himself has previously hinted that he was scared of the death penalty in the US.

“The English won’t extradite for death penalty offenses and the Swedes will,” he said. “So if he went from England they couldn’t execute him.”

We’re not sure if O’Reilly’s reading of the event holds up, however. Sweden, as an EU state, is not allowed to extradite in cases where it believes a death penalty will be issued.

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