Wikipedia Cofounder To Launch Video Learning Site For Kids

Larry Sanger, Wikipedia’s lesser-known cofounder, will launch an educational video site for kids next month called

The site is funded by the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.

The idea: “To organise hundreds and thousands of the best free educational videos for kids in an online directory,” Sanger tells us. “We don’t host the videos, we are a directory of embedded videos.” He plans to launch the site with over 10,000 videos in 2,000 categories.

The project began as an “American Idol for teachers,” and Sanger says he was recruited by an anonymous businessman to start the online contest. “In the proces of starting that Web site, we realised that there were so many Web sites out there that nobody knows about. We thought we can do a great service.”

WatchKnow says it’s different from other educational video directories like TeacherTube and SchoolTube. According to Sanger, those sites are aimed at teachers, while is focused on kids. It’s for them to watch and learn.

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