All The Cool Things The New Xbox, PS4, And Nintendo Wii Can Do

photographers take pictures of xbox one

It’s a big year for video game consoles. 

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s new Xbox One will launch at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s Wii U won’t even be a year old by the time its new competitors hit the market.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each console can do. (Besides play games, of course.)

The Xbox One can sync with your cable box and let you watch live TV.

The new Kinect sensor on the Xbox One lets you control the console with your voice. You can use it to change the channel, switch to a video game, or turn the Xbox on.

The Kinect has an HD camera that lets you make Skype video calls from your TV. It's also much better at detecting motion for controlling games.

The Wii U has a tablet controller that lets you continue your game away from the console.

When playing games on the Wii U, the tablet controller shows you extra content and gameplay options.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One will let you record videos of your gameplay and share them with friends.

The PS4 will let you watch live streaming video of your friends playing a game. You'll also be able to interact with them as they play.

If you have Sony's handheld PlayStation Vita system, you can play your PS4 games on the go, picking up where you left off.

All three systems will let you stream video from popular services like Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu.

So when will you be able to buy these consoles?

The Wii U is out now, and you can buy it starting at $300.

The PS4 and Xbox One will launch later this year, likely in the fall before the holiday shopping season. There's no word on pricing for either console.

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