Wii Fit Gets (Some) Bloggers Off The Couch


Nintendo’s Wii Fit is supposed to spur a new fitness wave among America’s chubby gamers. We don’t know about that, but we have seen one interesting side effect so far: A new genre of blogging, where gamers, chubby and otherwise, document their experience with the game/exercise program.

Note that this doesn’t include us, even though it should: We’re embarassed to admit that much of SAI’s Silicon Valley bureau’s reporting and writing is conducted from our bed. But it’s much easier to write about other people writing about exercising than it is to do it ourselves.

  • IGN’s Mark Bozon (above) is tracking his progress on his Wii Get Fit blog, providing daily updates on his Body Mass Index and weight change. He’s down 3 pounds in 3 days.

  • Newsweek’s LevelUp Blog got an honest-to-goodness health writer to review the Wii Fit, along with a video review that features hilariously short yellow shorts (we’d show it to you ourselves, if Newsweek allowed us to embed video).
  • Wired’s Chris Kohler got the Fit more than two months before it came out, spent a month with it and documents the experience here. The upshot: He’s not in Charles Atlas shape yet, but he does feel a little more positive about exercising.

We’re still a little sceptical that Wii Fit will be more than a novelty: We recall that when the Wii itself first came out, there was a lot of talk about the game becoming a weight-loss tool, but nothing really came of that. But hey, bloggers aren’t the healthiest bunch. We can use whatever help we can get.

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