Wii 2: Gamers Want Better Motion Control More Than Robust Graphics or Online

By James Brightman

Wii 2 will be unveiled for the first time during Nintendo’s E3 press conference on June 7, and the web has been chock full of rumour and speculation about the features Project Cafe will offer. Weasked several developers what they’d like to see, and then we decided to poll you, our valuable readers. 

IndustryGamers was actually quite surprised by the results. Out of 1,678 readers voting this week (as of this writing), nearly a third of you selected improved motion control as the feature you’d most want to see in Nintendo’s next console. Both the Kinect and Move (from Microsoft and Sony, respectively) offer slightly more accurate motion controls, so we can understand the desire for something better, but what was more surprising was that robust graphics and online functionality received fewer votes.

Interestingly, augmented reality was the second most selected response with 20.14% of the total vote. Perhaps this is an indicator that fans are enjoying that kind of gameplay on the 3DS and would like an evolution of this technology on Wii 2. The desire for better graphics gained 20.08% of the vote, while online (an area Nintendo had admitted was weak on Wii) gained close to 16% of the vote. Only about 8% of you really seemed to care about the rumoured touchscreen controller or other unique new interface for the console.

There were also some interesting responses in the “Other” write-in category (less than 3%). One of the most desired features mentioned here is a hard drive – no doubt a reaction to the rumoured 8GB of flash storage as the console’s only memory. Other features mentioned included cloud storage, more support for indies, trophies/achievements, and backwards compatibility.