This Is The Best Way To Get Photos Off Your iPhone Without Syncing To Your Computer

Wi-Fi Photo Transfer is a free app that makes it insanely simple to download photos from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

We’ve been using iPhoto, jailbreak tweaks, and Image Capture to download photos to our computer. None of these methods are as quick, as painless, or as wireless as Wi-Fi Photo Transfer. 

There isn’t a single setting to alter once you download the app.

It works by making the photos folder on your device (DCIM, if you’re an iOS explorer) visible from your computer’s web browser so you can download photos straight to your computer. Your computer and device must be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

You can view all your photos in a convenient thumbnail view to select multiple items, or you can download them one by one (in various sizes, too). 

This free app is a can’t-miss. In fact, we used it to download the screen-grabs for this very post you’re reading now.

Price: free from the App Store (universal app)

NOTE: if you’re downloading screen captures or videos you’ve taken on your iDevice, this app mislabels them as JPG so you get an error trying to open them in Photoshop and other applications. Once you download the screen captures or videos, change the JPG extension to PNG  or MOV (videos) in the file name and you’ll be all set. This note is only for iDevice screen captures, achieved by holding down the Home button and Sleep button simultaneously for a second, and for videos shot on your iPhone.

Thanks to Bruce Tognazzini for pointing out that videos are mislabeled as JPGs, as well as screen captures.

(Via App Storm)

You're all done. Open your web browser and type the IP address you see in this app into your browser's URL address bar.

This is what you'll see when you click a single image. You can choose to download the image in various sizes, which is very convenient. Like we mentioned before, if you download an image this way, you'll lose location info.

Now that you've learned how to easily download photos from your iDevice....

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