Florida Banker's Wife Leaves Family For Occupy Wall Street And Says She's Staying 'Forever'

Stacy HesslerStacy Hessler

Photo: NYPost

Stacy Hessler, a married mother of four and the wife of a banker, has been camped out at Occupy Wall Street for nearly two weeks and she told the New York Post she’s staying “forever.”“I’m not planning on going home,” Hessler, a Florida native, told the Post.

“I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m here indefinitely. Forever,” she told the paper.

Her husband, Curtiss, is the branch manager at a SunTrust bank in DeLand, Florida, according to his LinkedIn profile.  He was previously a financial adviser with Bank of America, the report said.

The dred-locked Florida mum, who also wears Star Wars tees, told The Post she’s talked to her husband and children just three times since she’s been camping in Zuccotti Park.

She also revealed she made an Occupy Wall Street camping buddy named Rami Shamir, a waiter at a French Bistro in Brooklyn.

She told the Post they’re just friends and not romantically involved.

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