A security guard was shot after telling a customer to wear a face mask. His widow calls the killing ‘senseless and stupid.’

  • Family Dollar security guard Calvin Munerlyn was shot and killed last week after getting in an argument with a customer over the state’s mandated face-mask rule, prosecutors said.
  • Munerlyn’s widow Latryna told CNN that Munerlyn’s killing at the Flint, Michigan store was “senseless and stupid.”
  • Three men have since been charged with first-degree murder and other firearms charges as a prosecutor said “Munerlyn was simply doing his job.”
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Calvin Munerlyn was working as a security guard at a Family Dollar in Flint, Michigan, last week when he got into an argument with a customer who wasn’t following the state’s mandated face-mask rule, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, Munerlyn was shot dead when he wouldn’t let a mother and her daughter in the store in what his wife Latryna later called a “senseless and stupid” killing.

Munerlyn, 43, is survived by his wife, six children, and three stepchildren. Latryna told CNN’s Don Lemon days after his death that he was “devoted, loving, kind-hearted, courageous, brave, just committed.”

“He was just loved everywhere,” she told the CNN host.

County prosecutors said that at about 2 p.m. on Friday, Munerlyn stopped two people from trying to enter the store: Sharmel Lasse Teague, 45, and her daughter.

He stopped them, the officials said, because the unnamed daughter was not wearing a face mask.

A Genesee County prosecutor, David Leyton, said in a press conference that Teague “began yelling at Munerlyn and spit at him and Munerlyn told her to leave the store and instructed a cashier not to serve her.”

The two left but returned 20 minutes later, the prosecutors said, when Teague came back in the same vehicle with two men – identified as her husband, Larry Edward Teague, 44, and her son Ramonyea Travon Bishop, 23.

Prosecutors said Larry Teague accused Munerlyn of “disrespecting his wife” and Bishop then shot Munerlyn in the back of the head.

Sharmel Teague, Larry Teague, and Ramonyea Bishop have since been charged with first-degree murder and other firearms charges.

“From all indications, Mr. Munerlyn was simply doing his job in upholding the Governor’s Executive Order related to the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of store employees and customers,” Leyton said in a statement.

“Now my babies (are) without a father for the rest of their life,” Munerlyn’s widow told CNN.

“My children are very, very strong,” she said. “They are strong, and I say that man instilled something in them that can’t nobody take away. My babies are super strong. They have been trying to cope with this and my baby boy said, ‘As long as he’s with God he’s OK.'”

A GoFundMe created for Munerlyn’s family had raised more than $US331,000 as of May 6.

Ashley Collman contributed to this report.