You Need This App If You're Having Trouble Keeping Track Of All Your iPhone Photos

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WideAngle is a photo app that pulls in information from across all your social networks and your phone’s camera roll to help keep your photos better organised.

The app was previously iPad-only, but the company just released a new iPhone version.

WideAngle is a great addition to your app collection because there are a ton of photos that slip through the cracks and are easily forgotten, especially when you share them on a variety of different networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The company says it won’t store your photos on its servers and will keep everything private.

WideAngle is a free download from Apple’s App Store and is available for iPhone and iPad.

WideAngle is a free photo app. It just launched on the iPhone. WideAngle allows you to pull in all of your photos from across various social networks, text messages, and soon even your email.

Once you fire up the app it will ask for permission to use your location. Tap Ok. This allows you to see where you took your photos.

You can pull in your photos from all across different sources including, your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, text Messages, and soon, email. Tap the icons that you want to pull photos from.

The app will prompt you when photos are ready.

If you want to import your text message photos, you have to go through a different process. Type in your email and WideAngle will send you a link to get started.

While you wait for the app to import your photos, you can connect with friends.

Tapping connect will bring up a list of friends across social networks.

Here's a quick navigation tutorial. Tapping the little owl in the top left corner will pull in new photos. The middle section where it says Newest can be used to switch between different views including a mixing section, which shows you photos at random, and an album view.

As the app pulls in your photos, you see this filmstrip of each one.

Once new photos are ready, the app will alert you and pull those into your collection as well.

Once everything is pulled in, this is what it looks like. You can quickly scroll through. Tapping the small blue camera in the top left corner will bring up a full screen view of the photo.

Tap a photo to select it. The options at the bottom allow you to create custom albums, share the photo, save it to your device, hide it from the stream, and remove it completely from the app.

Here are your options when you hide a photo.

Tapping on a photo and bringing it fully screen also shows the caption and how many likes and comments it has.

Pulling up the comments section reveals more details.

WideAngle is a great way to pull in all of your photos and have them in one place. It's also pretty cool being able to see photos that you took a long time ago but may be buried in your phone's camera roll or tucked away deep in a Facebook album.

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