Wichita State head coach loses his mind during an exhibition game and charges at referees

Sports certainly elicit passion and basketball is no exception. However, Wichita State men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall may have taken that “passion” a little too far when he charged at a couple of referees during Wichita State’s exhibition game against McGill University.

To Marshall’s credit, ESPN reported him as saying, “I wasn’t going to do anything physical, but I wanted to make sure they understood what I felt was happening was incorrect and wrong.” That said, it doesn’t make charging at the referees look any less egregious.

Obviously, this is a serious issue. The video starts after Marshall got ejected with technical fouls for arguing and he certainly felt strongly about the calls which he perceived as bad.

Curiously, one of the issues that upset Marshall was scoring errors. 

Marshall sounded off afterwards, telling ESPN’s Andy Katz, “There were players with stitches, concussions, not keeping score accurately, a bloodbath, then touch fouls on us. I’m not happy nor proud of the reaction but when is enough, enough? I want my players to know I’ve got their back. Once ejected, I wanted the ref to know exactly my impression of his work.”

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