A multicoloured hotel in Ibiza is the stuff of Instagram influencers’ dreams

The Wi-Ki-Woo hotel in all of its photogenic glory. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

Instagram and social media have no doubt influenced the way we travel – from where we choose to go to how we dress and what we do on a trip.

But it has also influenced the way hotels look, as many are taking a “social media first” approach to their design.

The Wi-Ki-Woo hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain, is a prime example, as the photogenic spot is practically made to get you the most ‘grammable vacation shots.

Keep scrolling to see more of the stylish resort.

Barbie may have her Malibu Dreamhouse, but she would definitely approve of the Wi-Ki-Woo hotel for her travels.

The Wi-Ki-Woo hotel is on Ibiza, Spain. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

Its pastel hues are perfectly Instagrammable.

The bar area features a live DJ. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

The hotel is reminiscent of Miami’s South Beach, with a distinctly Art Deco vibe.

The hotel is lit up in pink and purple hues at night. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

Accommodation ranges from ocean-view rooms to poolside chalets.

Rooms are also decked out in pastel. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

Befitting for influencers and wannabe influencers, rooms feature massive vanities to get ready at.

Fully equipped kitchenettes feature pink Smeg minibars. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

Cowshed products, GHD hairdryer, and hair straighteners will help guests look their best.

Lounging poolside has never been more photogenic.

The hotel itself is adults-only, though kids — accompanied by an adult — are allowed in the restaurant and bar area. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

What’s a pool without floaties these days?

Pink heart floats make the pool pop. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

The enormous ocean-front terrace claims to have some of the best sunsets Ibiza has to offer.

The hotel features many specialty cocktails. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo hotel

The restaurant features fusion cuisine made with local ingredients.

The menu features items like tuna ceviche and chilli squid. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo hotel

Every part of the hotel is designed for optimal Instagramming.

Free high-speed internet makes uploading your pictures a breeze. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo hotel

A standard room at Wi-Ki-Woo starts at $US180 per night, breakfast not included.

The hotel is decked out in pastel and neon. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo Hotel

Got FOMO yet?

Poolside cabanas are available. Courtesy of Wi Ki Woo hotel