Wisconsin House Passes Anti-Union Bill In Surprise 1 A.M. Flash Vote

wisconsin protests

Photo: AP

Republicans in Wisconsin’s General Assembly (House) passed Gov. Scott Walker’s emergency budget bill early in an abrupt, early-morning vote today.The vote took Democrats by surprise and ended three straight days of debate over the measure, which will strip unions of most of their collective bargaining rights.

The vote appears to have done little to end the political standoff between Republicans and union supporters, who have come out in droves for round-the-clock protests against the bill.

The legislation now has to be considered by the Senate, which hasn’t been able to come up with a quorum since the 14 Senate Democrats fled the state last Thursday. The Republican majority leader ordered state troopers to find the Democrats yesterday, but the search proved futile.

Walker has said the bill must pass by today or the state will miss a deadline to refinance $165 million of debt and be forced to lay off thousands of workers.

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