Why Your Company Is Screwed If You Don't Go Social

Marc Benioff

Photo: AP

We’re in the middle of a massive social revolution, says Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff.It’s bleeding into whole new sections of our lives and revolutionizing the way people operate in ways that IBM and Microsoft could have never dreamed of, he said at a Cloudforce presentation in San Francisco on Friday.

The results of companies that hop on board the social revolution are pretty fantastic.

But, you really have to see the numbers to understand why it’s important. We’ve assembled his whole presentation on social enterprise from Cloudforce San Francisco.

We aren't just dealing with desktops and clients any more...

...your work and your life are now connected to all of your devices.

Social networking grew faster than email ever could...

...and more people spend time on social media than any other section of the web.

Companies are seeing engagement on their Facebook pages explode, and engagement on their websites drop off.

The devices you access the web on are shifting radically too.

Soon enough, it won't just be phones that are connected to a social graph — it will be everything.

The results for companies that get on board are amazing.

So, how do you connect it to the enterprise?

You have to attack it on a ton of different fronts, including employee social networks and customer social networks, Benioff says.

Salesforce's results after doing that are pretty fantastic.

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