Survey says you might want to delete that gym selfie from your online dating profile

Tech Insider recently covered a study on dealbreakers, and it contained some bad news for guys who think their rock-hard abs are encouraging people to swipe right on their dating profile.

It turns out women actually might prefer men who they view as “not athletic” over men they think are “too athletic” when it comes to picking a mate.

The recent series of studies on included a survey of 5,541 Americans who ranked 17 “dealbreakers” when it comes to considering a “committed relationship” with someone.

And surprisingly, “too athletic” outranked “not athletic” on the list of potential dealbreakers for women. While 10% of women called “too athletic” a dealbreaker, only 6% saw “not athletic” as a dealbreaker — meaning women might actually prefer couch potatoes to gym rats when it comes to dating.

For men, both “too athletic” and “not athletic” were equally repugnant — they’re viewed as dealbreakers for 7% of those surveyed.

The top three dealbreakers for both sexes were “disheveled or unclean appearance,” “lazy,” and “too needy.” Surprisingly, men and women’s dealbreakers didn’t differ too much by the numbers.

Here’s the entire list of dating dealbreakers:

Of course, the study isn’t perfect.

As noted by TI Science Editor Lauren Friedman, although it was large, it relied on self-reports. People’s dealbreakers may not always be what they say they are, since some may not be willing to admit their actual dealbreakers or even be aware of them. There are also likely many qualities people avoid that are not the researchers’ list of 17.

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