A woman can’t stop crying jagged ‘crystal’ tears and doctors are baffled by her ‘anatomically impossible’ condition

‘All the doctors are in shock,’ Kazaryan told Mir24.tv. ‘They have not encountered such a disease and do not know how to treat it.’ Carl Court/Getty Images

Editor’s note:

This story contains a graphic video of an eye condition.

  • For 22-year-old Satenik Kazaryan, crying leads excruciating physical pain because her tears are shaped like tiny jagged crystals, she told Mir24.tv.
  • The first doctor Kazaryan saw for her strange condition gave her eye drops and they helped at first, but soon her condition got worse, according to Mir24.tv. Doctors have been unable to diagnose or treat Kazaryan.
  • One opthamologist told Insider the woman’s condition is biochemically and anatomically impossible.
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When you’re in the midst of a sob session, chances are you’re only thinking about the emotional pain of the situation. But for 22-year-old Satenik Kazaryan, crying also reportedly leads to excruciating physical pain because she said her tears are shaped like tiny jagged crystals.

Kazaryan, who is from Armenia, cries nearly 50 crystallised tears every day, according to the Daily Mail.

She said the painful tears started when she was at the dentist. “It seemed dust got into my eyes,” Kazaryan said in a video from news outlet Mir24.tv. “It hurt me. I went to the ophthalmologist, and a few crystals were taken out from my eyes.”

Kazaryan’s family thought the tears were glass that got in her eyes when she was working on her family’s farm, but doctors told them the tears were coming from Kazaryan’s body.

Doctors are investigating the strange condition but haven’t been able to diagnose Kazaryan

The first doctor Kazaryan saw for her strange condition gave her eye drops and they helped at first, but soon her condition got worse and her eyes were producing more jagged tears than before, according to the Daily Mail.

She went to a few others doctors, and one turned her away because he didn’t believe her condition was real. “All the doctors are in shock,” Kazaryan said. “They have not encountered such a disease and do not know how to treat it.”

One doctor reportedly took pieces of the crystal tears out of Kazaryan’s eyes so they could be sent to a lab and studied, but she still remains undiagnosed. All her doctors know is that the tears are coming from the woman’s own body rather than an outside source, she told Mir24.tv.

One eye doctor told the Daily Mail that Kazaryan’s condition could potentially be the result of excess salt in her body.

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According to the Daily Mail, health officials continue to study her rare condition.

Crystal tears aren’t biologically possible, according to an ophthalmologist

According to Dr. Ivan Schwab, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of California Davis School of Medicine, Kazaryan’s conditions is physically impossible.

First, Schwab said there aren’t enough nutrients in human tear film, the gel substance that creates tears as we know them, to make the tears crystallize. Second, even if Kazaryan’s tear film did somehow create crystal tears, human tear ducts aren’t large enough to pass those crystals through the eye to where they are cried out.

“I’m not claiming absolute knowledge of this, but I’ve never seen anything like this in my 30-plus years as ophthalmologist,” Schwab told Insider. “I don’t see how this could happen biochemically or anatomically.”

Russian ophthalmologist Dr. Tatyana Shilova told REN TV that if a person’s body composition changes, like an extreme increase in salt content, it could cause genetic or inflammatory diseases in the eye. But Schwab said that if the body contained this much salt, a person would likely first experience other health problems, like a heart or brain function issue, before experiencing eye problems.