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Most startups these days build products using the various philosophies of agile – both in the formal sense but also the informal sayings of “deploy early and often,” “fail fast,” “ship and iterate,” etc. Coupled with A/B testing, customer development, and thinking through business problems in a scientific, hypothesis-driven way, you end up with a powerful cocktail of techniques to build a modern startup in the most iterative way possible. This kind of incrementalism is mostly great, and people should generally do more of it.

The interesting part is when you get a couple months into your product cycle. You often end up with lots of half-done experiments lying around, an infrastructure that isn’t built to scale, and a mishmash of code that needs to be refactored. Most engineers know that in this kind of a case, the best practice is NOT to rewrite your code, but rather refactor it continually and take down the so-called “Technical debt” so that it’s always under control.

However, there’s the other side of the coin, which is the product design.

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