Why Web Ads Need To Be More Like TV Commercials

We say Web publishers aren’t going to get anywhere until they move their premium inventory into units beyond the banner. Some of our reasons:

  • If advertisers really want to buy banners, they’ll do it for cheaper through an ad network.
  • Banners are too easy to ignore. Demand-generation ads need to interrupt content (like they do everywhere but online).
  • When people think of the banner, they think of a blinky, subprime mortgage ad where you have to shoot the duck.

So what should publishers do instead?

Startup Videoegg, which sells publishers fancy, video-rich ad products, has some ideas. They put them into a presentation that could be titled “4 simple things that will make the Web better for brands.” We don’t ordinarily paste sales pitches into posts, but we thought this one was interesting enough to share: