Why We Switched To The American Express Plum Card

Amex Plum card

In my previous jobs in corporate America, I never thought much about the business credit card I used.  Here at The Business Insider, however, the choice was mine to make.

We started out with a card issued by our bank that offered no benefits other than the convenience of not using cash for purchases.

When AMEX became a TBI sponsor, however, I learned about the features of the American Express Plum Card.  After that, switching was a no-brainer. 

Amex calls the main benefit of the Plum Card “trade terms for everyone.” They should call it “free money.”

The Plum card provides an automatic 1.5% discount on everything* we buy on it as long as we pay within 10 days of the closing date. As an angel/VC-backed company, we have cash in the bank, so paying fast is not a problem. The card saves us 1.5% on everything we buy.

As our business grows, the second benefit of the Plum card will become more relevant: We can pay 10% of the charge in the first month and then have another 30 days to pay the balance interest-free. Our industry, online advertising, has astonishingly slow payment practices, so having 60 days to pay a credit card balance interest-free is a great benefit.

You can learn more about the Plum card here. Or to learn more about how an American Express OPEN business card can help you manage your finances, call 866-957-3322.

*The discount applies to “all eligible purchases,” which so far has been everything.

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