Why Wayne Rooney’s Departure Means The End Of Manchester United

Wayne Rooney

[credit provider=”Wikimedia Commons – Gordon Flood” url=”http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wayne_Rooney_Anderson.jpg”]

Wayne Rooney has decided to leave Manchester United. Not because his wife Colleen, who he cheated on with prostitutes while she was pregnant, is leaving him. Not because he needs a change of location to avoid the English media. And not because he’s had a falling out with famed fiery manager Sir Alex Ferguson.Rooney is leaving because Manchester United lack ambition.

Or at least, the star striker has said as much. Rooney, through a press release, said that the club was unable to promise him they would be active in the market buying new players.

Rooney doesn’t mean young talent like Javier Hernandez. He means finished products that can help United win more titles and, most important to any ambitious player, another Champions League. The money to replace ageing stars Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs simply isn’t there.

And if United don’t have that kind of money anymore, even though they made record profits last year, then that means there is an underlying problem. That problem is United’s massive amount of debt.

The club, acquired in a leveraged buyout by the Glazer family, are paying 8.75% on their debt. They made an operating loss of $133.4 million due to interest payments.

Manchester United aren’t at the level of Liverpool just yet, and are likely to retain their lucrative Champions League place this year. But their chief star wants to leave over issues of ambition (perhaps even to arch rival Manchester City) and that means the Manchester United we know, is at an end.