Warren Buffett Has His Employees Touch This Signboard Every Day

Last month, CBS’ “Person to Person” show ran a segment featuring a tour of investing guru Warren Buffett’s Omaha office.

It’s a homey place, filled with memorabilia and photos that are important to Buffett. But anyone seeking to find the secret to Buffett’s success may be disappointed. It seems the only big secret Buffett had hidden in his office was a sign above a door inside the lobby of his offices that reads “Invest Like A Champion Today.”

Buffett said the sign is inspired by the Notre Dame football team’s locker room, which has the sign “Play like a champion today” above its door. Apparently, every football player touches the sign before they exit the room for a game. 

“And I figure, with Notre Dame’s record, you know,” Buffett said. “We just touch this every morning when we come in and hope for the best.”

Sounds like a plan.

Here’s a bigger photo of the sign:

Warren Buffett invest sign

Photo: www.cbsnews.com

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