'UglyDolls' is the summer's first box-office flop as 'Avengers: Endgame' continues to dominate

STX Entertainment‘UglyDolls’
  • “UglyDolls” is the summer’s first box-office flop with $US8.5 million in its opening weekend. It was made for $US45 million.
  • The movie was going up against “Avengers: Endgame,” which continues to dominate the box office.
  • It also received horrible reviews, and has a 32% Rotten Tomatoes critic score.

The first box-office disaster of the summer is here.

STX Entertainment’s “UglyDolls” earned just $US8.5 million over the weekend as the colossal “Avengers: Endgame” continues to shatter box-office records and crossed $US2 billion worldwide. “UglyDolls” came in fourth at the US box office, behind “Endgame” ($US145 million in its second weekend) and the other new releases, “The Intruder” ($US11 million) and “Long Shot” ($US10 million).

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“UglyDolls” was made for $US45 million, according to Box Office Mojo, so it will struggle to earn back its production budget. The movie received an abysmal 32% Rotten Tomatoes critic score, which didn’t help drive audiences to the theatre.

The Los Angeles Times called it “nothing more than a merchandising opportunity.” RogerEbert.com said that the “script is not particularly cute or loveable, just a muddled story with lukewarm musical numbers that takes pieces from better films.”

STX Entertainment has had a rough time at the box office recently. Two of its releases last year, “The Happytime Murders” and “Mile 22,” were two of the biggest bombs of 2018, with a total of $US21 million and $US36 million at the domestic box office, respectively.

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