Why Twitter's Australian MD doesn't sync email on her phone

Twitter MD Karen Stocks / LinkedIn

Karen Stocks is one of the most important women in Australian business yet she doesn’t keep her work email automatically synced to her phone.


“It’s a great innovation, just don’t get addicted to it. I don’t have my work email synced to my smartphone, so I control when I see it,” she told the Australian Financial Review. Adding that she only checks email “a couple of times” on weekends.

She also made some interesting comments around women heading many of Australia’s tech companies and what that means, saying: “I’ve done a lot of thinking about this. I look at Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter, Intel; they’re all new companies operating in Australia with no historical domain expertise. The person who’s done it all already doesn’t exist, so the playing field is levelled from the start.”

And her solution to our love hate relationship with social media? “Just use Twitter”.

Read the rest of the interview over at the AFR.

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