Why Twitter Was Down: 'Reason'

Twitter is down. Why? Reason.Down for reason. Up by deadline!

Photo: Twitter.com

It’s enough to make us miss the Fail Whale.During its outage this morning, Twitter’s website displayed a bizarre message showing chunks of code:

Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>.

We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience!

It’s pretty obvious that some Web-app subroutine was supposed to fill in “reason” with something like “emergency maintenance” and “deadline” with a time.

So not only did Twitter’s website go down—that’s bad enough—but the emergency message didn’t display correctly.

That’s really embarrassing for a company which has struggled to shed the reputation for unreliability that it suffered from during its early days of hypergrowth.

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