Why Twitter Is Getting Into Music Discovery

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Why Twitter Is Getting Into Music Discovery (Mashable)

In a word, advertising. Twitter hopes that Music will get people to stay longer on the platform and to get users to reveal more about themselves for better targeting. Twitter has been working hard over the past couple of years to increase the time-spend metric by fashioning itself as a media hub. Clark Fredricksen, VP at eMarketer, says that now Twitter “wants to be a place where people find new things. The launch of Music is a logical extension of that.” Giving users a reason to visit Twitter more and stay on longer provides more advertising opportunities. Read >Why C-Level Should Lead The Social Media Charge (Hootsuite)
When 90% of executives say they would use social media more “if it were helpful to their business,” the C-Suite is clearly not seeing the ROI of personal engagement. Thankfully, there are a few notable exceptions. It is to these CEOs that executives should look for proof as to why the C-Suite should actually be leading the social business surge. The ROI of executive social engagement can be found in the ongoing success of companies like Virgin, ING, Netflix and HootSuite into converting online conversations into business opportunities. Read >

Hot Social Media Startups To Watch (Macworld)
After evaluating more than 40 social media startups and then turning to crowdsourcing for input, here are a few hot social media startups to watch:

  1. 9Lenses
  2. BeFunky
  3. Bloomfire
  4. CrowdTwist
  5. Evzdrop

Social media startups aren’t as well-funded as, say, cloud or mobile startups. One factor is that no one has really figured out which business models will actually generate revenues consistently in this market. There are five more in the article.  Read >

Brands Must Be Ready To Respond (mediabistro)
American Airlines had a little problem earlier this week when a computer glitch cancelled its flights, stranding travellers. The airline was slammed with angry tweets and found themselves in the midst of a potentially damaging social media situation, while trying to deal with everything else that went along with the outage.

mentions and response american airlines

We know your company probably isn’t a huge airline, but let’s think about this in scale: Do you have employees ready to monitor and respond to a company major event once it hits social media?  Read >

How Ford Became A Leader In Social Media (BU Today)
Ford Motor Company knew it had to find a way to reach young consumers after redesigning the Fiesta in 2009. The company anticipated the compact would appeal to a generation of drivers who were buying their first car and figured a giveaway would create buzz. So, Ford launched a contest and chose 100 drivers from thousands of entries to drive a Fiesta for a year. They also got free gas, insurance, and video cameras to record honest reviews about the car and were asked to tweet and post videos along the way. Called the Fiesta Movement, the campaign sparked chatter on social media, and the driver-generated content became the basis for the company’s TV spots and print ads.  Read >

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Making Pinterest Work For Your Business (Karen Leland)

Karen Leland, author of the new book Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, has created a guide to hitting the road running and quickly making Pinterest into a valuable source of prospects, promotion and profits. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history, the third-largest network after Facebook and Twitter and has over 25 million members and 10 million unique visitors a month. Read >Small Businesses Find ROI In Social Media (Manta)
Small business owners are taking an independent and resourceful approach to learning more about social media. Whereas only 18% of SMBs ask for social media help from third-party experts, twice as many 36% turn to online resources. Their hard work is paying off as nearly 40% of small business owners are reporting a return on their investment, with 30% realising returns greater than $2,000. Read >

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