Here’s Why TV Has Rapidly Moved Away From The Traditional Screen

Family Watching TV

TV’s transition to the third and fourth screens is moving much faster than anyone could have imagined. TV junkies are opting to watch their favourite shows on their computers and mobile devices in record numbers, according to a recent report by Adobe Digital Index.

Thanks to apps like HBO Go and Watch ESPN, the TV Everywhere movement — a term for authenticated online streaming — skyrocketed 246% in the past year, Adobe reports. Authenticated streaming from game consoles and over-the-top devices like Chromecast and Apple TV saw a whopping 539% increase.

Adobe also reported that in addition to more users posting up in front of their laptops, phones, and tablets, TV Everywhere viewers are streaming shows more often than they used to. This year, iOS devices also overtook browsers as the favourite way to watch over the web.

TV Everywhere Chart

Much of this growth probably stems from the wealth of content migrating to streaming: More and more networks are caving in and offering up their content for streaming. And there’s good news for those networks: Adobe found that TV streamers are becoming more engaged with their content, which means they make better customers for an advertising-driven business.

TV Everywhere chart

(H/T New York Times)