Buffalo Bills owner explains why he compares Tom Brady to McDonald's

This season, Tom Brady shut down any lingering doubt about how, at 39 and after missing the first four games of the season to serve his Deflategate suspension, he would fare on the field.

Basically, he was the same  — if not better! — Brady who the NFL has seen for the last 16 years.

For Bills owner Terry Pegula, who had to watch Brady shred his team earlier this season, Brady reminds him of McDonald’s.

Pegula told NFL.com’s Mike Silver that he knows what to expect from Brady each time he takes the field:

“He’s like McDonald’s. Every time I go there, I always get the same thing — because it works, and why would you get anything different? That’s Brady. He’s gonna come out and run the same, simple offence, and slide in the pocket and get rid of the ball quickly and throw it underneath to all those different receivers, and unless you can do something to stop him, he’ll carve you to pieces.”

Pegula’s analysis was not wrong. Brady did indeed carve the Bills, both underneath and with the long ball.

Brady may not understand Pegula’s comparison — he wouldn’t touch McDonald’s — but it’s nonetheless apt, as Brady continues to look like the best quarterback in the NFL.

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