This Famous Serial Entrepreneur Tossed His Apple MacBook For This Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Wences Casares

Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

Famed Latin America entrepreneur Wences Casares, who has over $ 1 billion in startup exits, is preparing for a mobile dominated world.Last month, he got rid of his MacBook Pro. He figures that since he has a mobile company, he might as well think like a typical user.

“In the future, most people will act like 15-year-olds do right now. Their primary device, by far, is their phone,”  Casares said. 

“Then they have a computer as their secondary device… to work on a design thing or big spreadsheet,” he said.

Casares rotates between a bunch of mobile devices:

  • Samsung Nexus Galaxy (Android Ice Cream Sandwich) 
  • iPhone 
  • iPad 
  • Samsung Galaxy tablet (Gingerbread) 
  • Samsung Galaxy S (Android) 
  • Nokia N8 (Symbian) 
  • HTC mazaa (Windows) 
  • Blackberry Bold

“I think if I don’t force myself, I don’t understand them. I was just cheating by using the computer,” Casares said.

Casares co-founded Lemon, a mobile phone company based in Palo Alto. It launched in October 2011. It’s a startup that allows you to store receipts, so it can collect data that can track your expenses. People are using it to keep track of their personal expenses, business expenses, and taxes.

Using his mobile instead of a laptop, Casares learned that the emails they were sending out didn’t look good on a mobile device. It has also helped him understand the kind of experience the consumer expects on the phone. Consumers expect more from a mobile phone, if it takes too long to load, they move onto the next app, he said.

This was what he was using when we met up with him. The downside is that he has to charge this phone three times a day, he said, but at least the swipe feature helps him type.


Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

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