Why The PC Won’t Matter In Two Years

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The PC will soon be dead. Long live the “personal cloud.”This personal cloud will become “the centre of users’ digital lives,” by 2014, according to Gartner.

By “personal cloud” Gartner means that we’ll all have a bunch of applications we can access from any device we want — a PC, a tablet, a smartphone. We may not even own a PC — not even for work.

While that sounds logical, in order for this shift to take place, most companies are going to have to completely revamp the way they deliver software. They’ll have to offer virtual desktops and create “app stores” so users can find corporate apps. They’ll have to revise their custom apps so that they can function on tablets and smartphones.

Most of us can see how much technology has changed in the past 10 years (anyone remember the fax machine?). We can look at our kids and imagine the workplace tools they will one day use.

But to think that in just two years the PC could be completely optional for the average worker is mind blowing.