Why The "New" iPad Should Never Have Been Released

Apple did something Tuesday it has not been able to pull off for a couple of years: It surprised the smack out of us. Sure, we all expected the iPad Mini and what Apple produced was right in line with our expectations. The kick in the head? Apple’s brand new fourth-generation iPad. Looking at timing and specifications, one has to wonder: Why did the third-generation “new” iPad released in March ever exist in the first place.

How Good Was The New iPad?

The “new” iPad (never, ever the iPad 3, of course) was released in March. It was supposed to be a marvel of modern engineering, mostly because it incorporated Apple’s Retina Display and came equipped with a better processor than the iPad 2. Yet, the third-generation was not without its warts. It was thicker than the iPad 2 and many people noted that it “ran hot” when using screen-intensive functions like video or games.

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