Here's why the modern gentleman should splurge on a real umbrella

There are few accessories a man needs in his life. A durable umbrella is one of those things.

The reason why is simple: Imagine entering a business meeting, soaking wet, carrying only a tiny collapsible umbrella.

A ridiculous sight, no? A gentleman requires a more refined tool. He needs a real, well-crafted umbrella that will both keep him dry in the rain as well as look refined and stylish.

These collapsible mini-umbrellas that many people carry around are fine in a pinch. They’re good to keep in your briefcase in case of a sudden downpour (a gentleman is always prepared), but they look ridiculous when carried on a regular basis or with a business suit. Plus, you can never really consider them your umbrella. They’re transient, changing from month to month and season to season.

A real umbrella also won’t break from a sudden big gust of wind — so, there’s that.

As for the argument that you’re going to lose your umbrella: You only lose your umbrella because you don’t care about it, since it was $10 from CVS. Once you’re splashing down some cash for something worth keeping track of, you’ll be amazed at how much it lands back in your hands at the end of the day.

Now, there’s no reason to go overboard. It will still likely be used only occasionally (you know, when it rains), so splashing out hundreds on an umbrella that will see use maybe a dozen or two times a year won’t do you any good.

A comfortable spot is the $40 to $100 range, where you can get serious quality that will last forever and yet still avoid breaking the bank.

A few great options in that range include Brooks Brothers’ New Stick Umbrella ($60) Filson’s Cover Cloth Umbrella ($108), and the handmade-in-England Fox Brothers ($110).

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