13 Reasons Why The Miami Heat Have The Best Fans In The NBA

justin bieber heat pacers game 7

With the NBA Finals heading back to Miami tonight, we know what we’re in store for.

Miami Heat fans.

The league’s most infamous team has the league’s most controversial fans.

Heat fans have the reputation for being annoying rich people who know nothing about basketball.

But they’re actually great.

13. They cheer like crazy

12. They wear rings on their heads

11. They're richly ornamented

10. They paint their faces

9. They never calm down

8. They start at a young age

7. They alter their bodies for the Heat

6. They make props from scratch

5. They act like children

4. New Yorkers (like Lenny Kravitz) have abandoned their teams to join the Heat

3. They spend money on enormous heads

2. They Instagram the entire game

1. They dress well

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