Why The US Masters is a tradition unlike other majors and is always held at the same golf course

Getty Images/ Andrew RedingtonAugusta National is arguably the most famous golf course in the world.
  • Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters were both started by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts.
  • Augusta National still owns and operates The Masters today.

The history of The Masters is deeply intertwined with the history of Augusta National Golf Club itself, and with the story of Bobby Jones, one of the most iconic figures in the history of golf.

It was Jones who built Augusta National with Clifford Roberts, and in 1934, decided to host an annual tournament, which would become The Masters.

To this day Augusta National still organizes The Masters, and there is no incentive to have the tournament elsewhere. In contrast, other majors are run by larger organisations – the USGA, the PGA, and The R&A oversee the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship, and The Open Championship, respectively. Those organisations are tied to a wide array of golf courses and thus have a motive to showcase a different one each year.

This rich history and tradition that The Masters and Augusta National share together is part of what has made the tournament the most prestigious in all of golf. As John Boyette, the sports editor for the Augusta Chronicle, told Business Insider, “In my mind, you really can’t have the Masters anywhere else.”

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