Why The iPhone Is Revolutionary: Leaf Trombone Edition


We’re blown away every day by new uses and milestones for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and its App Store. Today’s is courtesy Smule, the company that makes goofy iPhone music apps like Ocarina, the no. 14 most-purchased iPhone app of all time.

Smule’s newest game, Leaf Trombone World Stage, is a hit, too. The company says “Leaf Trombonists” have already played more than 100,000 times on the “World Stage,” getting judged by other app owners. (The app launched two weeks ago.)

Smule adds: “In addition to performing, users of Leaf Trombone have already created more than 1,442 compositions using Smule’s new online Leaf Trombone Composer.  This surge in user contributions has occurred in only two weeks — a huge leap from the 1,450 Ocarina compositions users have shared in the six months since Ocarina was released.”

This sort of stuff just isn’t happening on other mobile platforms.

Here’s a video of Leaf Trombone in action:

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