25 Reasons The Democrats Are Totally Doomed This November

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There have been some decent economic datapoints lately, and the stock market has rebounded nicely since its mid-summer lows.But it doesn’t matter.

Loss of the House seems like a done deal. The Senate could go either way.

It’s all thanks to the miserable state of the economy, and the failure of stimulus to appreciably turn things around.

Housing prices haven't rebounded at all

So household wealth is still way down

And yet household debt is still enormous

And yet many renters haven't even seen any benefit from the decline in housing

The Case-Shiller, the best housing index shows signs of double dipping

New building permits going nowhere

Housing starts bouncing along the bottom

Home vacancy rates haven't begun to turn down

Unemployment in key democratic states is in nosebleed territory

Nobody is going out to eat

Meanwhile, the enormous debt is starting to make people really nervous.

Have you seen how big it is?

The dollar has collapsed, further adding to the anxiety

You may have lost your job, but government employees haven't. That's another reason to be angry at Democrats

The construction industry has collapsed

Healthcare costs continue to surge. So much for Obamacare.

Most regional manufacturing indicators are already running out of steam

But your gas prices are elevated

Meanwhile, however you slice unemployment, the situation is really bad.

We're basically at 10% unemployment

And of course, the political situation is unfavorable, even outside of the economic data.

The Congress is downright reviled.

Obama is as unpopular as he's ever been

And finally... the midterms tend to be a horrible time for the President's party

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