A startup CEO explains why he uses $2,000 a year to help employees meet goals that have nothing to do with work

Courtesy of Madison+Vine‘Everyone has an opportunity to add value and bring something to the table,’ said James Shani, CEO of Madison+Vine.

When you think of going to work, you don’t necessarily think about sharing your personal goals for the year with your coworkers.

But at Los Angeles-based digital content company Madison+Vine, that’s exactly what employees are encouraged to do.

“One of the biggest things that we do at the beginning of the year is we talk about the company’s goals and objectives but also what are your personal goals, and we go around the table,” James Shani, CEO of Madison+Vine, told Business Insider.

Goals can range from losing weight to improving relationships with family members to travelling more to becoming a better public speaker.

The company sets aside $US2,000 a year to help its 20 employees achieve these goals. It can come in the form of a gym membership or Lynda membership for employees who want to do more reading or online learning, and is divided up based on position and tenure at the company.

A believer in the power of personal growth, Shani feels this initiative ultimately boosts productivity and creativity among employees, who create digital content for brands such as Gatorade and Pepsi.

“At the end of the day,” he said, “whether they’re staying at our company for 10 years of leaving in a year, they’re out in the world a better human being, and I think a lot of people really appreciate that.”

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