Why The “Birther” Conspiracy Is Great For Obama

Obama Birth Certificate

Various people have called on Barack Obama to resolve the issue of his birth certificate by using his power as President of The United States to compel the state of Hawaii to find it and make it public. 

The question is: why doesn’t he do that?  The answer is: why would he?

The “birther” issue is a political godsend for the otherwise beleaguered president.

It makes the Republican Party look like a bunch of loons.  It attracts huge media attention, thus amplifying the impression that the Republican Party is populated by a bunch of loons. And the longer President Obama refrains from doing anything that might resolve the issue once and for all, the loonier his opponents become.  That’s a win for the president every which way.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb:  If Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) thinks that a hot right-wing issue has become a political loser, then it is almost certainly a political loser.  Last week, Rep. Bachmann cut the “birther” issue loose. Look for President Obama to continue to make jokes about it, just to keep the “birthers” riled up and on the media’s radar.

Update:  Anything to keep the story alive!